Ambassadors & Affiliates

 At Kooper Eyewear, we do everything to satisfy our customers. We know that if you are satisfied with our products, you are the best to recommend them to your friends and followers. Kooper Eyewear Ambassador & Affiliate program offers an excellent opportunity to earn commissions on our products. Start earning money today. Sign Up! It's Free.



Kooper Ambassador

1. Fill out our program application form to register and create or link your PayPal account.

2. If you are an existing customer, you can create content directly with your Kooper glasses. If you are not a customer, you have access to all our media content to highlight your favorite styles.

3.  Share with your friends your unique ambassador code to earn commissions. Every order placed with your code earns you commissions.


Earn 10% commission for each order placed with your code. Use your referral link and give your friends and family 10% off their next purchase. Enjoy special cash bonus when you reach different targets.

Receive newsletters with tips on how to make the most sales. Access our private Facebook group to discover tips, promotional codes and special offers.