Kooper is your next smart solution against digital eye strain caused by blue light.

High-quality, fair price and excellent service: this is what shopping for eyewear should be about. With so many retailers and brands taking advantage of customers with hidden fees and sly marketing tactics, we understand how buying glasses can turn into a significant investment. Kooper stands out from the pack by being fully transparent.

By creating a direct line to customers, Kooper offers flattering and stylish computer frames protecting your eyes from harmful blue light emitted by computer and mobile screens.

From classic to contemporary frames styles, these high-definition computer glasses are designed for every lifestyle. Our acetate frames are available in an extensive palette of color options and styles that feel comfortable on your skin. Meanwhile our stainless steel frames are available in light and flexible styles handcrafted in silver, gold and rose gold.

 “Comfortable, lightweight. No glare and don't really notice I am wearing them. Perfect for what I need. You can see a slight yellow tinge on the lens when held up to something white (meaning they aren't just a clear lens, and help with blue light) but you don't see it when you are wearing them.” —Caitlyn. Toronto, Canada.