Migraine, headache, bad sleep? Or, focus, productivity, healthy sleep?

Did you know we humans have an attention span of less than 3 seconds now. That’s less than a goldfish! For the smartest species on the planet, let’s admit it, that’s kinda embarrassing.

I mean, we should be people who have laser-sharp focus, invincible concentration and convenient health tech for our digital lifestyles. 

Yet, the majority of adults suffer from migraines, dehydration, unhealthy work-life balance. 40% adults get less than the recommended amount of sleep. (Almost 20% of all car crash accidents are associated with sleepiness.) 

So why are things like this? It comes down to one very, very simple answer. Routine. In other words, discipline. Health routine.

No, I am not asking you to wake up at 4 am tomorrow, go for a 5-mile run, shift to a high-protein diet, blah blah (We both know that kinda mania doesn’t last long)

The answer is in simple balanced routines:

-Sleeping better, so you can focus better.

-Reducing exposure to blue light.

-Eyecare against your daily screen time.

Kooper is your next smart solution available with non-prescription, prescription, and reading lenses.

  • Healthy solution against digital lifestyle
    +Blue Light® technology blocks blue light from your devices reducing stress in the eye’s ciliary muscle, helping you sleep better. Available with non-prescription, prescription, and reading lenses.
  • Style and elegance
    From classic to contemporary frames, with a minimalist style with no unnecessary logos on glasses, making them clean and timeless products.

  • Affordability
    Good quality, fair price, and excellent service: this is what shopping for eyewear should be about. Unlike other retailers and brands we charge no hidden fees.


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